Sustainable development

Sustainable development is a key element of the five-year Grablt strategy of Graboplast. This details the objectives to be achieved during the strategic period, which comply with the programme of sustainable development previously specified by the company.

This programme covers the following areas:

  • Basic materials, components
  • Innovation, research & development
  • Quality and environment management
  • Social responsibility

Basic materials, components

It is important for us to manufacture our products in a healthy and safe work environment, and to create a healthy and aesthetic living environment with their use.

For that reason our products

  • do not contain harmful materials,
  • meet the requirements of REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation & Restriction of Chemicals) from all aspects.
  • the basic materials are purchased from reliable and qualified suppliers

Innovation, research & development

Our experienced engineers are constantly working on the development of new product, formulas, technical solutions and technologies. Many of our current products are based on our own patented procedures.

A fundamental aim of our product development is to make sure that

  • Their lifetime meets the user requirements, they are durable, safe and easy to handle.
  • The healthy and aesthetic indoor environment has efficient tools, and they contribute to the protection of the natural environment from manufacture to reuse.

3R programme

Our operation, methods and processes are constantly developed to meet our triple objectives, i.e. cost-efficiency, recycling and reuse.


Major target areas of care use of resources:

  • Saving during purchase, logistic activities, manufacture and packaging,
  • Improvement of the efficiency of water and energy management in all fields of manufacture and operation,
  • Sorting and reduction of volumes from wastes (paper, packaging materials, water, in-process remnants and other wastes).


In addition to the carefully chosen raw materials and environment-friendly solutions, it is important for us to ensure that our products do not pollute the environment during their lifetime, therefore all of our products are fully recyclable.


Graboplast is a leader in the reuse of flooring recycled material. In our recycling plant, the production and installation remnants are converted into secondary raw materials, which are used for the manufacture of new floorings.

Our products contain secondary raw materials ranging between 15-70%.

Quality and environment management

A quality and environment management system based on key standards ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 are operated at each of our three sites.

This covers

  • planning, development, purchase,
  • pre-production, production, quality control, reuse,
  • storage, delivery
  • training, marketing and sales


Social responsibility

In the social care programs of our company, organisations whom we work closely with are prioritized. In its framework, we regularly support training and sports institutions operating at our sites located in Győr, Tatabánya, Kecskemét.

In addition to ad hoc financial or product support, regular support is granted to institutions engaged in high-level professional training and operating in our business environment (e.g Universitas Győr Foundation).

Beyond ad hoc support of leisure-time and sports events, we also sponsor competitive sports. We are proud  of Graboplast Győr Water Sports Association for reaching excellent results in the World, European and Olympic championships.